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Domesticated Housefox--Illumnina!
I realize that this probably doesn't get read by anyone any more, but that's okay.  This is for me.

Minion died today.

She was acting funny the last few days, but I figured she had a cold or something of the sort.  I don't know what happened to her.

I've had her since she was five weeks old.  She really was my baby.

We shared many adventures together; she'd happily sit in my lap as I'd visit drive-thru windows late at night, and she came with me on my 3,000 mile journey west.

She was my best friend.  She was always there for me; she made me feel so very happy.

I miss you, Minion.  You were my anchor.
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I hate my car.

At this point, I'm pretty sure it's cursed.

Recharged the battery, and I still can't get the thing to turn over.  It's getting power; but if I try and turn it over, it just totally dies.  At this point, I really don't know what to do, short of selling the damn thing and cutting my losses, and accepting the hour-and-a-half bus to work one day.

At the rate I'm going, I can't get any money saved up; the only reason I'm afloat now is because I got really, really lucky and don't have to pay car insurance until the 12th.  Also, I'm likely going to need to shell out monies for health insurance (I -really- need to visit the doctor, and get refills on my vital meds.  I don't really want to have to stop and restart the hormones for probably the 4th time), and I'm already going to be late on rent.

Any ideas, any one?  I've got an extremely promising job and I -really- don't want to do anything to affect it, but I don't have any other ideas.

Any suggestions?

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I misplaced my PSP, which means that it likely ended up falling out of my bag on the bus.

So long, old friend.  I modded you good, and you kept me sane on my trip across the country.  I'm gunna miss you.

I wish I could be due some good luck for once.

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...It is always very heartbreaking when your childhood sweetheart laughs at the idea that you still like her.  Even more so when you think about what you did in order to get closer to her.

...I'm so lonely.

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So my dear friend tyrc asked me yesterday if I was happier then, than I was ten years ago.  I didn't really even have to think much about it; I smiled, and nodded, and simply told her 'Yes.'
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Thanks, everyone. :)

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Car decided to go meh today.

Wheel came off the rim, and then the battery decided to die.

Fuck, I can't catch a break. ><;

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I got promoted at work today; I'm going to be moving up to a Full Consumer Service Rep sometime in the next few weeks!  There's only one or two more steps to take before I either hit the ceiling, or get employed by Nintendo.  It's so totally awesome!  It's also giving me a bit more of a sense of security about work, because I actually don't know if I'll have a job until I get the schedule every week.  ><;

Also, I just had a really good day today in general, too.  I went out 'Mashruubing' with mmsword , which is our new, hip, fun term for mushroom hunting.  We found quite a few of the 'little brown mushrooms,' some of which looked oddly like certain 'recreational' shrooms, but it was really hard to tell.

I actually found my first edible mushroom today!  Well, edible in the fact that it wasn't poisonous, and you could have eaten it if you were really hungry.  I replanted it outside, under my window, so hopefully they will grow.  Mind, it is still really early in the season, but we suspect that if we wait about a month or so, we'll be able to actually find some decent, food-grade mushrooms.  Also, if anyone wants to come with, it would be fun!

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So, you know how I am one of the most unlucky foxes in the world?  There was another bank levy against me, today...  I pray to god I'll be able to just make rent.
And if I'm lucky, car insurance.

Anyone want to buy a really expensive sword?
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Good news!

That gurgling sensation I've had in my lungs for the past three weeks isn't pneumonia, instead just an awful case of bronchitis.  The bad news is that it took a trip to the ER and some oddly very, very expensive medicine to find out.

Also, I got two needles at the ER, instead of one. ><;
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The money that was removed from my account was put back. I can actually breathe, and don't have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from.

Thank you God/The Devil/Budda/Aliens/Whomever was listening.

Also, want to throw a shout out to you anyway, Satan. It's been a while; nice hooves.

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